The heart and soul of fresh and juici is QUALITY. We are a performance focused fruits and vegetables company that does not compromise on the quality and freshness of its produce. Its importance is concentrated from time of receiving the produce from our suppliers to our shelves.


We have fully trained and dedicated personnel handling produce coming in from Suppliers, who select and grade the produce in accordance with the our pre-defined standards. In addition there are 6 supervisors overseeing the selection process who also conduct random sampling to check on the quality. The produce is classified into Grade A & Grade B. Grade B is rejected and is taken back to the Suppliers, whilst Grade A is weighed, stored and packed. We have a staunch policy to restrict procurement to a day-to-day needs basis for new supplies so as to ensure freshness. This ensures that the consumer always enjoys finest grade fresh produce on the shelves.


A proper combination of natural and mechanized ventilation systems ensures good air flow through the warehouse. Our state of the art cold rooms are kept under the right temperature for each produce so as to maintain the quality and freshness.


We currently move 120 metric tonnes of fresh produce on a daily basis through our network of branches. Over 50 trucks transport these produce safely to the various branches on time. All safety and health regulations are kept intact so that we can provide the best services to all our customers.


Our branches are well displayed all over the country. With up to 60 branches we ensure the branches are fully stocked with fresh produce at all times. This ensures our customers get everything required at all times.