Our Beautiful Belmont farm is a 12 Acre farmland located at Ndeiya, Kiambu County. An ideal environment with perfect climate to produce the finest produce. We have 81 spacious Greenhouses to ensure our produce get their individual requirement to grow healthy and fresh.

The farm produce’s:

  • All types of Cucumbers
  • All types of chillies
  • All types of herbs
  • All types of greens and vegetables
    • – Tomatoes
    • – White and Red cabbage
    • – Leeks (Onions)
    • – Sillery
    • – White Reddish

We also plant tree tomatoes and avocados. All the produce from the Belmont Farm is exclusively for Fresh an Juici. The farm is managed by 28 casual employees and 5 permanent staff. We provide efficiency, effectiveness and Quality in our work and results so you get the best produce in the country.