About us

Fresh An Juici Ltd was acquired in May 2008.Today,Fresh An Juici are the sole giants in retailing of fresh fruits and vegetables to the major supermarket outlets in East Africa.

We operate and provide to most of the Nakumatt Supermarkets, boasting a daily retail footfall of over 100,000 spending shoppers across its stores countrywide. Approximately 150 tons of produce moves in and out the warehouse to the supplies on a daily basis. Recognized all over East Africa and the world, we bring you the best of the best produce our beautiful country has to offer.

Today, along with local fruits and vegetables, we bring to you imported fruits, conveniently packed cut vegetables, all supplied with quality and dedication. We passionately dream to bring you more…


A quality driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for fresh produce retailers by measuring our customer satisfaction and team member excellence.


Dedicated and committed in supplying our customers with the finest, high quality products and services and being a dynamic leader in the quality fresh produce business in East Africa.



Our Head office is located at a central point in the heart of the green land of our beautiful country, Kenya. A conducive environment and climate both for the farmers and our fruits and vegetables. The green and fresh air environs lets us bring you the finest Quality produce in the country.

Out of the city center, on a stretch not far from the main airports where traffic is null, movement of our produce in and out of our warehouse is a walk in the park. Fresh and Juici gives you 1.57 hectares with a large space for our Main office,13 state of the Art cold rooms storing the fruits and vegetables in 60 by 40 feet containers, Huge warehouse space, dispatch area and a fully secure and beautiful surrounding.


Our distribution center for the Coastal region is located at Kongoweya, in Nyali. A tropical climate thriving with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our distribution center undergoes the same procedure as all our branches. We provide the same quality and services to the whole of Coastal Region.

  • Fresh fruits and Vegetables are weighed, sorted, packed, distributed, and dispatched from our distribution center in the coast and supplied to the various Nakumatt and Tusky’s Supermarkets in the coastal region. .
  • They are stored and kept fresh in our state of the art cold-rooms.
  • We also provide our customers with fruits and vegetables that are not readily available in the coast region.

We have a variety of exotic fruits, Citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables of all kinds and Pre packs.


In the very recent time, we are planning to open distribution centers in Eldoret and Meru towns in Kenya. This will enable us to reach a wider market, while giving more opportunities to our local suppliers and extend our commitment in giving our esteemed customersthe best and finest quality produce.