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Fresh An Juici Ltd was acquired in May 2008.Today,Fresh An Juici are the sole giants in retailing of fresh fruits and vegetables to the major supermarket outlets in East Africa.

We operate and provide to most of the Nakumatt Supermarkets, boasting a daily retail footfall of over 100,000 spending shoppers across its stores countrywide. Approximately 150 tons of produce moves in and out the warehouse to the supplies on a daily basis. Recognized all over East Africa and the world, we bring you the best of the best produce our beautiful country has to offer.


The heart and soul of fresh and juici is QUALITY. We are a performance focused fruits and vegetables company that does not compromise on the quality and freshness of its produce. Its importance is concentrated from time of receiving the produce from our suppliers to our shelves.


We have fully trained and dedicated personnel handling produce coming in from Suppliers, who select and grade the produce in accordance with the our pre-defined standards.

Fresh Produce


What is in your plate? Our half your plate concept gives fruits and vegetables the central point of every meal. This helps you meet your recommended amount of nutrition every day.

A well balanced meal with all the essentials required to keep you healthy and fresh. A top up of our fresh juices (Squeeze) will keep you wanting for more.

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